Mousquetaires du Roi tournament on 31th of March

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On March 31-st, 2018 Cossacks 3 “Mousquetaires du Roi” tournament will be held using 5000 15 pt options (Start Options:Army of Peasants; 18th Century Options: Immediately; Dip center and market: Without both) in the 2vs2 format  (beginning at 8 pm by Kyiv and Moscow) with cash prizes for 1 place (6000 rubles) and 2 place (2000 rubles).


Teams are formed by the players themselves, but TOP-level players (9-10 points on a ten-point scale) cannot join the same team. Please, inform [-UNION-]VOIN about your created teams in a personal message in the Discord channel:
Tournament Options:
Both semifinals and finals will be followed by a mandatory live broadcast of [-UNION-] VOIN, without it the result of the match is not counted!



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