C3: 19th Century Mod – new playable nation: Greece

by: Peffy
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Loner is doing quite well with the development of the 19th Century Mod. Fortunately, his hands are not tied, so we can welcome Greece as a new playable nation. Modern Greece, independent from 1832, adds to a rather long list of its own. Its buildings are based on the Arabic style on the one hand, and on the Austrian on the other, and its units have a completely unique appearance. You can see a picture of each of them:


From left to right: Militia, Shooter, Line Infantry, Grenadier, Guard, Officer, Standard Beerer, Light Cavalry, Lancer, General.


Those with a Steam version can sign up for the latest version of the mode from the link below (if you’ve already done so, all you have to do is run the update if it’s not automatic):

Non-Steam users can click on the local download link below:



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