Linux version of Cossacks 3 is not a myth

by: Peffy
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Many already treat the Mac and Linux versions of Cossacks 3 as a mystery or a lie. The latter idea is pretty strong, but unfortunately it has its camp, however, we simple players never doubted it. Here is the evidence.
An editor at called liamdawe has gained access to the Linux version of the game thanks to the developers. Attached is an image that shows it running nicely, claiming to be smooth. This is 70-130 in fps with maximum settings with support for Intel i7 and nVidia 980Ti. So the performance is quite positive.
The disadvantage of the current version of Linux is that it does not include sound, which is unfortunately quite important, almost a real strategic element.
So no one should hesitate any longer, the developers are working with steam power on Cossacks 3 for other platforms!
To read the full preview just click on this link.


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