Important news if you use a Radeon card!

by: Peffy
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Cossacks 3 players with a Radeon, or AMD graphics card, are in for a nasty treat. Some users have reported that after starting a mission or random map, the game loads indefinitely, even though they can hear something going on in the background. The problem isn’t with the commentary, the modes installed, or even the game itself (although technically it is). The bug is definitely caused by the AMD driver, which causes certain features not to work as the developers intended.


There are two ways to fix the problem:

  1. The problem is caused by a driver version higher than 21.8.2. according to experimental users, so there is nothing to do but to install the above mentioned driver or earlier (it is recommended to perform a clean install).
  2. Although not yet tested, the latest Adrenalin driver with version – which came with Halo: Infinite – is also supposed to solve the problem.


What do we propose? First of all, we definitely recommend solution 2 because of the security solutions.


Another piece of good news is that the developers of Cossacks 3 are also looking into it:

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