GSC GameWorld is back in business

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“It’s never pretty when a studio closes. There’s nearly always a project in progress, there are always people who feel the sharp end of the deal. Sometimes, the residual fallout means bitterness, recriminations and legal implications. It’s rare for the process of dissolution not to marr the memories of the work done by the studio.
So it was with GSC Gameworld, developer of the STALKER and Cossacks series. When that studio imploded in 2010, having already endured rocky treatment from publishers and fans after the release of Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, things rapidly got messy. Several parties laid claim to both the STALKER IP and many of the assets which were currently in production at GSC. As Vostok Games, 4A and West Games rose from the ashes of GSC, things got a little murky, with various claims to IP rights and provenence being raised.
Now, GSC is back, and looking to start afresh.
We spoke to Valentine Yeltyshev, part of the original GSC team and spokesperson for the studio’s return, about what happened, why and what’s next.”
The full interview can be read here.


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