Expert vs. Expert tournament final

by: Peffy
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Date of publish: 28/11/2016 20:56 CET

Dear friends!
We hope your Monday goes well! Today we are back with another of Chronicles of Cossacks. As you remember, our dear friend Sergiu recently hosted an epic Expert versus Expert tournament that came to a finish a few days ago. The final confrontation between Petru_BwM and Baton was intense, thrilling and, without a doubt, fantastically entertaining. We congratulate the winner and once again thank Sergiu for making a huge contribution to the Cossacks community.
If you made or know any entertaining, educational or funny videos/pictures or any other content – send to us here or at, we’d be glad to post it in the future iterations of CoC!
As a small tease, tomorrow we plan to start something completely new, related to the recent announcements that we’ve made 🙂


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