Cossacks 3 is now out on GOG

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We’re glad to announce that Cossacks 3 is now out on GOG! 
GOG is already a home to the first two parts of Cossacks and as our ever-growing community constantly expands, we decided to provide you with additional means to get the game and, finally, complete your Cossacks collection on GOG 🙂 


As it’s your first chance to enjoy a DRM-free experience with our game, everyone who bought the game during the first two weeks after the GOG release will receive a free-of-charge upgrade to an Early Bird edition of the game! So hop in and grab a copy of Cossacks 3 on GOG with a discount, as we are celebrating our release on a new platform: Standard edition + Early Bird upgrade is 10% off and a Deluxe edition is 15% off. Don’t forget that our game is cross-platform, so Steam and GOG users will have no troubles playing with each other. 
Have a nice day!
Update: GOG page is not longer availabe. This is what the page looked like before.


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