A 1 month old game and giveaway

by: Peffy
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News from Cossacks 3 Facebook page:
Dear friends!
It has been a month since the release of Cossacks 3! To celebrate this, we are giving away 3 digital copies of Cossacks 3!
To participate in our giveaway, follow these simple steps:
  1. Like and share this post.
  2. Like the Facebook page of Cossacks 3.
  3. Tell us in the comments why you are the one who should get the key.
We will randomly select winners among participants and announce them in a new post on October 21st, at 04:00 PM GMT.
Our official website – www.cossacks3.com
Cossacks 3 page in Steam store – store.steampowered.com/app/333420
Good luck and have a nice day 🙂


Originally posted: Facebook.com (LINK) (ARCHIVED)

Date of publish: 20.10.2016

Author: unknown

Language of publish: english

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