8 new questions answered by developers

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Eight very interesting questions are answered by the game developers. 


1. The nations in the original “Cossacks” were not very well balanced. For example, Ukraine had only one unit of infantry, some nations didn’t even have transition to the 18thcentury, etc. Is there going to be the same unbalanced nations in “Cossacks 3”?
The absence of transition for some nations was caused by the historical limitations, when there were really no significant changes. In such occasions the nation will be balanced much more thoroughly. That’s what the wide-scale testing is for. We also have an idea to make an analog of transition into the 18th century, something similar to “military reform”, that will open access to new units and the analog of barracks of the 18th century. But this is only possible after the release of the game.
2. Will the economical component (the price increase of buildings depending on their quantity, change of market goods prices etc.) be altered somehow in the new game?
In the release version no essential changes are provided. There is a small re-balance, which influences the quantity of peasants able to work effectively on one stone deposit. But you can overcome it with the necessity of quarrying on a larger area. There is also an upgrade for quarrying which is slightly altered: from now on the highest effectiveness will be achieved with the purchase of two upgrades, not only the second one, as it used to be in the original game.
3. This may be the most interesting question for the gamers: will the cannons move by themselves, or they will have the crews, as in “Cossacks 2”?
There will be no crews for cannons in the release version. Our experience shows, that the artillery crew reduces the convenience and dynamics of the artillery control. Modders can add the artillery calculations for the cannons in modifications. Perhaps, we will help them.
4. As it was said before, the developers will provide modders an editor, that they used themselves. Does it mean that the gamers will be able to make absolutely new games with their own graphics and game-play?
Yes, the game engine allows creating almost any game, though it answers the purposes of the RTS and TBS genres or RPG with the camera, located on the top. Our technology works very well with a large quantity of units. We are sure, that this toolkit will give users the opportunity to make a lot of deep and wide scale modifications. We have our own ideas concerning modifications that we could make by ourselves.
5. What is GSC Game World’s attitude of the possibilities of such games coming out of the “Cossacks 3” engine?
It’s great! The key factor for us is the quality of the product. We can even support the coming out of such projects. We plan to passionately extend and improve “Cossacks 3” after the release.
6. Will the step-by-step strategy be carried out on the map of Europe, as in “Cossacks 2”?
There won’t be the map of Europe in the release version. It is the question of further development of the game and the future additions, modes and DLC.
7. Will the buildings of different nations in the game be identical, as in the original game, or will all of them have their unique architecture?
Yes, some of the buildings will be identical, like, for example, the warehouses in the European nations. But, as well as in the original game, the important buildings in each nation will have their own unique model, which mostly has its historical prototype.
8. How many nations will be in the game? Will there be any new nations, other than in the original game?
There will be 12 game nations in the release version, and with the help of DLC their quantity will increase to 20. We will announce the list of new nations a bit later. There are some ideas of putting absolutely unexpected nations to the game, but we are not ready to tell you about it yet)


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