Halloween DLC

The Halloween DLC, or rather event, was activated around Halloween and was only available on holidays. This happened in 2016 and 2017.
The following content came with that event:
  • New menu background
  • Darker lightning tone (new water reflection)
  • Bloody pumpkins
  • Zombie units 
  • Blue neon fog effect
The contents can also be viewed in the following images:
1. New menu backgrounds: Dracula Cossacks isn’t completely dead and he enjoys that.


Zombies: Uprising!


2. Darker lightning tone: The sun is obscured by ominous clouds.



3. Bloody pumpkins: They are scattered on the maps.


4. Zombie units: The following units turned into zombies: Sich Cossacks, Sich Cossacks -mercenary, Turkish and Algerian Light Infantry, Light Infantry Mercenary.



5. Blue neon fog effect: Just look at the burning blacksmith.

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