Halloween DLC

by: Peffy
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The Halloween DLC, or rather event, was activated around Halloween and was only available on holidays. This happened in 2016 and 2017.
The following content came with that event:
  • New menu background
  • Darker lightning tone (new water reflection)
  • Bloody pumpkins
  • Zombie units 
  • Blue neon fog effect
The contents can also be viewed in the following images:
1. New menu backgrounds: Dracula Cossacks isn’t completely dead and he enjoys that.


Zombies: Uprising!


2. Darker lightning tone: The sun is obscured by ominous clouds.



3. Bloody pumpkins: They are scattered on the maps.


4. Zombie units: The following units turned into zombies: Sich Cossacks, Sich Cossacks -mercenary, Turkish and Algerian Light Infantry, Light Infantry Mercenary.



5. Blue neon fog effect: Just look at the burning blacksmith.

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