Guardians of the Highlands DLC

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General description: 

The Guardians of the Highlands add-on, as the developers call it, can be classified as a DLC in its serving form. However, Cossacks 3 is enriched with content not yet seen in the series: a unique Scottish nation, its campaign, music, units and an Advisor designed for novice players.


Release date: 12.04.2017

Part of Season Pass: No




Playable nation: The game has been expanded with a playable nation, Scotland. European nation, on the other hand, are only similar at the economic level, there are already plenty of differences at the military level.


We haven’t seen Scotland in the Cossacks series so far, so we can welcome not only the nation, but also its buildings and units as completely new. Its construction scheme does not differ, they are similar in economic terms, but since they do not have an upgrade to 18th century, there are plenty of differences militarily.


Egyedi egységei: Peasant, Covenant Pikeman, Covenant Musketeer, Raider, Lancer,  Sword Clansman, Bow Clansman, Frame gun, Officer.

Highlights: No upgrade for 18th century, fast infantry unit.


  Skócia épületei

Individual units of Scotland in pictures:  

Peasant Covenant pikeman   Scotland’s music

Covenant musketeer Officer Raider
Lancer Sword Clansman Bow Clansman
Frame gun


Another new feature in the Guardians of the Highlands DLC that has never been seen before in the Cossacks series is the Advisor. This help is designed for novice, student, or inattentive players in certain areas. The possibilities shown in the pictures are implemented by artificial intelligence by default. It is enough to give rights to the mayor and his various advisers. The latter experts should be entrusted if we need help in the given field, be it construction, development or military leadership. It’s very useful even if at the end of the game we just want to focus on the fights.


New campaign and missions: The pictures below shows which is the new campaign (Scottish) and which are its missions.

Screen of campaign Screen of missions

Missions of Scottish campaign (The heroic struggle):

  1. The Bishops’ Wars
  2. The Battle of Marston Moor
  3. Scottish Civil War
  4. The Jacobite rising
  5. The Battle of Falkirk Muir

Officially screenshot:

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