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What is the Early Bird?

Early Bird is actually a bonus given to Cossacks 3 players who play with it within two weeks of its release. Players with a PC version of Windows had to “achieve”  the aforementioned criteria from September 20 to October 5 (Linux version: June 20 to July 5) in order to receive the following content:
  • Two unique looking mercenary units
  • A mini-campaign for the game
  • A badge displayed in multiplayer mode
1. Two unique looking mercenary units
Mercenaries are available by default at the Diplomacy Center, including the new units. The picture shows which two we got: the Turkish Archer and the Light Cavalry.





Turkish Archer (ranged unit)   Light Cavalry (ranged unit)



2. Mini-campaign
The campaign, called Three wars (bonus), has the following three missions: Turkish Invasion, Fight for Freedom and Thirty years war.



3. Multiplayer badge
You can see in the picture that the unique badge that got into multiplayer mode is actually a star. This will appear next to the player’s name and will be listed in the Internet room.



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