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Date of publish: 23/10/2020 14:51 CET

The line between hardcore strategy and real-time gameplay that your average gamer can understand and digest with a minimal amount of heartburn can be a sharp one. Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars steps over the line into the red area of hardcore strategy with a mix of master tactics and overarching strategy in a new “Battle for Europe” mode of play. Perhaps the best thing CDV and GSC Gameworld’s series does is set the action during an often overlooked period of history, the Napoleonic Wars. This itty bitty general with a brilliant strategic mind walked all over Europe, crushing everything in his path… except for Russia and their Cossack horse warriors. The trick with this kind of warfare is treating it in the right way. With this sequel, they’re really trying hard to do so. After playing the game for a few hours (which unfortunately isn’t a whole lot) it’s apparent that while the economic and construction side of things has been left fairly simple in most aspects, there’s a lot involved in the tactical real-time portion of the experience…


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