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Date of publish: 24/10/2020 13:46 CET

When someone says “Napoleonic Wars” a number of things spring to mind; huge battles, revolution, muskets, eccentric royalty, honorable gentlemen… dishonorable gentlemen, however unlike most people my mind immediately says “Kiev based games developer”. Why? Well that’s quite simple, GSC (Developer of the Cossacks series) has decided to give us the opportunity to relive this world in a realistic manner through their upcoming game Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars.

Many people shunned Cossacks: European Wars, either the game required too much micro-management or it just seemed overly complicated. This time around there should be no such qualms, GSC has listened to the criticisms they received and have completely reworked the way the game runs including a complete redesign of the interface…



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