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Date of publish: 23/10/2020 8:21 CET

Developer GSC Gameworld isn’t just working on first person shooter titles these days, as the company is also continuing their popular series of historical action games with the upcoming Cossacks 2, HomeLAN got a chance to chat with GSC’s PR manager Oleg Yavorsky to find out more about their plans for Cossacks 2.


HomeLAN – First, were you pleased with the reactions that the first Cossacks game received?

Oleg Yavorsky – Of course we were. Cossacks series have been the first big hit for GSC and allowed to build up the company and create new projects. The success of the first installment inspired us to create the sequel now.


HomeLAN – When the time came to make the sequel, what were the development team’s main goals?

Oleg Yavorsky – We aimed at making the game interesting both for the novices and hardcore RTS players. Thus Cossacks 2: Napoleonic Wars employs intuitive control and modernized economic systems. The player won’t have to spend precious time on micromanagement and resource “hunting”, therefore focusing mainly on strategy and tactics, which in their turn were made more exquisite. In Cossacks 2 gamers will find a vast variety of historically correct units and formations. To head the enormous armies (made of up to 64000 units) there have been put great marshals and generals of that time (Napoleon, Kutuzov, Blucher and others). Global map mode provides for extensive field for diplomacy. And of course Cossacks 2 will feature improved graphics, smart artificial intelligence and new multiplayer modes. We aimed at giving RTS fans a unique opportunity to try on fame, glory and a little bit of immersion into military leader’s shoes, including the Emperor himself and encourage them to change the regular course of history.


HomeLAN – What can you tell us about the historical period that Cossacks 2 takes place in?

Oleg Yavorsky – The period of Napoleonic Wars was seen as a logical step from Cossacks 1. Moreover it is one of the most interesting and important times in the European history. Turbulent career of Napoleon – a key figure of that time, great military leader, later Emperor is still a topic of high interest to many people. We tried to reach historicity in Cossacks 2, so in the game the players will find not only authentic units, regiments, formations and generals, but also a lot of information about this period put consice mission briefings.


HomeLAN – What playable sides will be available in the sequel?

Oleg Yavorsky – In Cossacks 2 the player will have an opportunity to choose between French, British, Austrian, Russian, Prussian and Egyptian banners. Each nation has its own distinctive features: peculiarities in tech tree, battle strategy, units and of course unique architecture. French, for instance, have the most extensive variety of cavalry, while Britain is strong in infantry.


HomeLAN – What can you tell us about the single player campaigns in Cossacks 2?

Oleg Yavorsky – The single player part is implemented as a global campaign for the player’s supremacy over the Napoleonic-time Europe. After choosing a nation and commander you will enter the global map (which is a reconstruction of the geographical map of Europe) that gives enough space for strategic manoeuvering on your way to conclusive victory. You will enter into alliances, apply economic sanctions, go to battles, step by step seizing new territories and your commander will get promoted in his ranks from lieutenant to marshal. The higher the rank your leader has the more soldiers he is given to command – therefore the more spectacular battles you can stage.


HomeLAN – What are some of your favorite units in the sequel?

Oleg Yavorsky – From the bunch of units available, my personal preferences are Prussian black corps, English chasseurs, French mameluke cavalry (personal guards of Napoleon presented by Egypt in the game) and probably the French artillery. All of those units are unique in their looks and effectiveness on the battlefield.


HomeLAN – What will the multiplayer elements are like in Cossacks 2?

Oleg Yavorsky – For playing over LAN there are two multiplayer modes: classic “Skirmish” and “Battles”. The last one represents a reenactment of six famous historical battles: Aspern Essling, Austerlitz, Eylau, Wagram, Ulm and Egypt. The player will be able to challenge either computer or a human opponent. In the Internet you will be offered to choose from “Custom” or “Ladder” game modes. The custom mode is similar to LAN. As for the Ladder one, it will offer the conquering of Europe play on global map. After choosing a nation to play for you will be automatically allocated an opponent. If you succeed in battle, you raise your rating and part of enemy’s territory is handed over under your control.


HomeLAN – What other unique gameplay features will the game have?

Oleg Yavorsky – Up to 64000 units on the map will give the player an opportunity to feel the epic of historical battles. Strong tactical component of “civilized” war (including formations, morale and fatigue) helps the player to express his strategic and tactical talents. 3D landscape (in 16-bit color) which impacts the battle provides lots of space for troops maneuvering – cavalry and artillery cannot move through forests and marshlands, troops hidden in the forest are harder to hit and other nuances keep “Cossacks 2” battles close to realism. On top of that the game employs true-to-life ballistics of bullets and cannon-balls.We’ll include a historical encyclopedia on units and military leaders and more.


HomeLAN – What can you tell us about the sequel’s graphics engine?

Oleg Yavorsky – First off, we tried to achieve the highest quality of graphics with rather moderate system requirements targeted. Cossacks 2 engine is a severely upgraded engine of the original game allowing an optimal combination of 2D and 3D technologies. Thus in the game you will see 3D landscapes with “living” flora and fauna, colored dynamic lights and all attributes of the cutting- edge graphics technologies such as pixel and vertex shaders. Sprite units and objects of landscape are of photorealistic quality and allow avoiding some faults of many modern 3D RTS – angular units, fuzzy textures and unit limit that is far from the desired.


HomeLAN – What is the current status of the game’s progress and when will it be released?

Oleg Yavorsky – We are steadily approaching to beta. The plan is to have the game out this fall.


HomeLAN – Finally is there anything else you wish to say about Cossacks 2?

We’d like to thank the community for their active support of the series and say that we do our best not to let you down guys.


Written by John “JCal” Callaham


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Original date of publish: 02.07.2004

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