Cossacks II – Battle for Europe

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Name: Cossacks II: Battle for Europe

Genre: Real-time strategy (RTS)

Developer: GSC Game World (ukrainian)

Publisher: CDV Software (german)

Language: English (additional languages: french, german, polish, czechish, russian and ukrainian)

Platform: Windows PC

Release date: 19.06.2006 (North America), 07.07.2006 (Europe), 26.08.2011 (Steam)

Battle for Europe – The best Cossacks ever!

The Cossacks II: Battle for Europe add-on continues the renowned Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars game. It depicts the rather short historic period of the Napoleonic wars. The Napoleon wars changed Europe for good, leading to the formation of empires and putting an end to almost a thousand years of constant strife between small states that had shattered Europe. The game provides mass-scale battles between thousands-strong armies of the nations involved in conflicts during this period. The theatres of operation introduce France, Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, Egypt and three nations not represented in the original game – Spain, the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Poland) and the Confederation of the Rhine. The developers did their best to reconstruct the largest battles and historical events of the Napoleonic wars. The game reconstructs in detail the soldiers’ uniforms, weapons and architecture of each nation. Each nation’s army has its unique units and possibilities. The game includes over 180 units, 190 buildings, and 1200 flora and fauna elements. When developing the combat system, the peculiarities of early 19th century warring were taken into account, as was the value of formations, provisions and troop morale. Tactical tricks utilized by military commanders of the time are fully reflected in the game. An “honest” system of bullet and cannonball ballistics, based on physics, is an innovative addition to the Cossacks engine. Other engine peculiarities include 3-dimensional landscaping, which creates realistic-looking scenery and towns and impacts combat tactics. For example, the firing range of a subdivision of soldiers or a cannon positioned at the top of a hill is greater than the firing range of a unit stationed on flat terrain. A Multiplayer game on LAN or Internet offers play in two modes: Skirmish – fighting on pre-designed maps with strategic component and resource management and Battles – re-playing famous historical battles, with no strategy component involved, where the player must win with his initial forces. The Battle mode reconstructs a number of large historical battles, including the battles of Borodino and Waterloo. While these modes are universal for any network-based game, play over the Internet provides some unique extras such as Rating. After winning, the player obtains a certain number of points. Once a player reaches a particular level, he or she is promoted in rank in the Battle for Europe mode. In the Battle for Europe mode, a nation’s territory is increased or decreased on the map when the player representing this nation has been victorious or defeated. The Battle for Europe mode is the unique Internet game mode of Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars and Cossacks II: Battle for Europe.



  • Focus on European war conflicts of the 19th century during the Napoleon’s wars
  • Battles of realistic, historical scope with thousands-strong armies
  • 9 game factions: France, Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, Egypt, and the newly added nations of: Spain, the Great Duchy of Warsaw, and the Confederation of the Rhine
  • Over 180 unique units and 190 buildings
  • Over 1200 flora and fauna elements with new types of landscaping
  • Historically accurate battles, tactics, troop types, uniforms and armament
  • Realistic use of combat formations and tactical ploys
  • Impact of morale and fatigue in battle and on the march
  • Extensive system of diplomacy
  • “Honest” calculations of bullet and cannonball ballistics
  • 3D landscape, providing an enormous range of tactical possibilities
  • Multiplayer games with up to 6 different nations over LAN and Internet: Skirmish, Battles and Land War mode


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