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Russian infantryman was a steadfast and courageous soldier. At the same time, he was illiterate and badly equipped. A distinctive feature of the Russian infantry was inferior armament and poor supply. Officer staff mostly consisted of the foreigners.

Armed with a musket, bayonet and broadsword musketeers formed the backbone of the Russian infantry. They fought in tight formations (line, column, square) and could effectively engage the enemy in both rifle and melee combat. Even though the Russian infantrymen had no marksmanship skills in the first decade of 19th century, linear infantry at times was assigned to fight in extended lines since there was constant shortage of light infantry.


Chasseurs (France)

Armed with a truncated musket, bayonet and broadsword, chasseurs were excellent expert shooters. Light infantry regiments were more privileged than linear units of the French army and were remarkable for their high morale. They formed the mainstay of Napoleon’s infantry tactics.

Chasseurs advanced in extended lines in front of the army and fired at the enemy breaking their lines and “preparing” them for main attack by friendly troops. Additionally, they were meant for fighting the enemy from inside natural covers or houses, for skirmishes in the forest and on uneven terrain. On the other side, the chasseurs could not form tight and “rigid” formations what made them rather vulnerable to cavalry attacks.



The main kind of line infantry. Fought in close formation (line, column and square). Usually applied in the open area battles. Could successfully hold as ranged, so as hand-to-hand combats. In square could effectively resist cavalry attacks. Were armed with 1777-type muskets, bayonet and broadsword (only till 1805).






Elite forces of line infantry best equipped and trained warriors. Only tall and physically advanced people were taken to those forces. Initially differed from other forces, because were trained to throw grenades. Fought in close formation: line, column or square. Could successfully hold as range so as hand-to-hand combats. In hand-to-hand battle had advantage to other light infantry. Except this by throwing grenades could damage enemies’ buildings. Were armed with infantry musket with bayonet, half-sabre, grenades.

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