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Date of publish: 10/10/2020 16:54 CET

The background:

Cossacks is an historical real-time strategy game based on events during the XVI-XVIII centuries in Europe, when nations and states were created and demolished, gold was turned into numerous armies, and never-ending wars shed oceans of blood. It was the time when new regulations were developed in armies, and commanders’ mastery was polished to perfection.

It’s times like these when we can appreciate the greatest parts of the worlds’ history. Nations struggled for power. Peace was always uncertain. Throw in a few Bravehearts and you have what made the world what it is today. It was definitely a pleasure stepping into a role from that time period. The sheer magnitude of a city builder combined with the richness of a true story from the past was enough to get me started. I’ll get it out in the open and tell everyone that I’m a city building junky. I believe it was the launch of Starcraft that really got me into the entire fad. It seemed to be a break from all the other games on the market at the time, and it provided both great single-player gameplay and an even tougher multi-player gameplay online. With that being said, there’s never a time when I don’t enjoy fresh blood in the water. And when I say that, I mean it literally. The possibility of waging a battle with up to 8,000 units and 16 nations is enough to make you want to take this baby home. And with Tucows Games backing its possibilities, there’s no reason why this won’t be a hit.


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Original date of publish: 16.04.2001

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