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Date of publish: 19/10/2020 18:05 CET

Cossacks – European Wars is a historical 3D RTS game based on events of XVI-XVIII centuries in Europe when nations and states were created and demolished, gold was turned to numerous armies, and neverending wars shed seas of blood. The game includes 16 nations (Algeria, Austria, England, France, Netherlands, Piemonte, Poland, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Saxony, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Venice), each country has its original graphics, economic and technical development peculiarities, military advantages and drawbacks, and unique units and technologies. Cossacks features six kinds of resources: food, stone, wood, coal, iron, and of course gold, technology’s tree with more than 300 upgrades and various military forces such an infantry, cavalry, artillery and navy. In addition, gold, iron, and coal are infinite at their deposits, and extraction is proportionate to mine workers number. Cossacks isn’t just only an AoE2 clone with just a few tweaks, this game is an eminent rival of AoE2, for an example AoE2 lets you make only 200 units in total (a frustrating low number for a decent battle) while Cossacks offers up to 8000 units in a battle with no loss of speed. If you`re a fan of AoE2, you must have this excellent game! Download this playable demo (47.3MB)…


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