Preview in PC Joker 12/2000

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Date of publish: 28/06/2020 16:14 CET

“Cossacks: This Game got everything what a RTS-Player needs for his satisfaction!” Below is a brief preview of PC Joker 12/2000:
Cossacks got everything what a Building and Real-time strategists player needs for his satisfaction: base building, mass battles, simple mouse controls, a complex economic system and a comprehensive encyclopedia. There are even too many of some of them, because there are a good number of objects that can be built. Their unmanageable number makes it difficult to plan ahead. The weighting of the units is also not entirely convincing. And the graphics show pretty buildings, but their residents seem very sterile. Nevertheless: historical missions, good rendering sequences [campaign missions?] and the multiplayer mode for up to eight LAN and internet generals – in other words, Age of Empires in the light version!
You can also find a full-page ad about Cossacks: European War in this newspaper:


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Original date of publish: 30.10.2000

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