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Date of publish: 24/06/2020 20:14 CET

Replenishment for historically interested real-time strategists: “Cossacks – European Wars” heralds an epic battle painting.
The interactive history lesson catapults the player back to the 16th century. More precisely: on the battlefields of the 16th century, where the leading European nations have just declared the Thirty Years’ War. In addition to Spain, France and England, there are 13 other nations to choose from, all of which differ in terms of architecture and technology.
Over a period of more than 200 years, the player is allowed to take the fate of the respective nations in hand and to demonstrate his strategic skills in historical battles.
Before the gauntlet falls, however, the economy must first be boosted. With the construction of a mill and the associated wheat fields, the food for the troops is guaranteed, building materials are extracted in the forests and quarries, and the mine extracts iron, gold and coal for the maintenance of the war machinery.
As soon as the economy can produce the necessary resources, the first units are mobilized. While initially only pikemans and musketeers jump into the breach to ward off any attacks on the local settlement, various cavalrys, gunners and elite soldiers also make the round in the course of the game. At the behest of a special officer, up to 8,000 (!) units of troops take positions and can be ordered across the battlefield in tactical formations.
Fortified ships are also used in Mediterranean regions. In addition to ferry boats and war galleys, the belligerent admiral can also launch proud frigates and cannon-defying battleships.
The graphics leave a very positive impression due to the detailed buildings, the pleasing animations and some nice effects. Ships are reflected on the surface of the water, cannonballs swing building debris through the air, and in the fields you can see the “grass growing”. A special treat: destroyed buildings do not immediately disappear from the map, but survive as a crumbling ruin until after a while there is no stone left on the other.
With over 300 military and technological upgrades, the historical spectacle promises immense depth of play. Thanks to the full range of units and technology, this preview version was able to captivate the screen for a long time.
If the developers continue to work with such determination, “Cossacks – European Wars” should hit the mark at the release in November.
Michael Dees


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