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Date of publish: 21/06/2020 21:25 CET

“The newcomer software company GSC GameWorld now wants to set a new highlight in the overflowing “real-time strategy” market. Find out what awaits you in “Cossacks – European Wars” at MORE …
… “Command & Conquer” has proven it: visual is not everything. Even with an engine that is actually dusty, Westwood presents the fan community with new missions that will be successful even without lens flare effects or a rotatable and zoomable scenario.
“Cossacks” also focuses on the western: the gameplay. From an isometic bird’s eye view, you command your troops across the field and expand your home village according to your ideas. However, in contrast to genre colleagues, you can make full use of the terrain: at higher positions, your units can look further and shoot, behind a mountain you are undetectable by the enemy. The graphic set is somewhat reminiscent of the “Anno 1602″ style, and the game reflects events from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. The full version will offer a multiplayer mode and will be in no way inferior to the classics in other respects. The best way to test whether this positive impression is retained in the game is to use the now published, approx. 60 MB demo. On the download page you will also find all the important information about the demo and the upcoming full version.”


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Original date of publish: before 30.08.2000 (this time apparead on the official Cossacks webpage)

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