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Achtung! Hey Everybody! Attention!
A new game is appearing over the horizon by CDV called European Wars:Cossacks. This game has not yet reached American markets, but is scheduled to appear in North America during the first quarter of this year. What is EW:Cossacks about? Well, it is a real time strategy game in which one must build up the economy to support the armies and navies in the field.
Is it worth getting excited about?

You start off by choosing what type of game that you want to play. The demo made it easy—Random Map. Then you are offered various different countries to be. The demo made it easy again—Spain. After you make the minor adjustments to the map, i.e. resources, you begin the game. Pretty good so far. You start off with around 10 or so villagers, no buildings. You begin to build a mill, and wheat begins to grow. It’s pretty cool to watch the wheat grow. Then you build a Cathedral to generate priests, and begin to build storage pits to have a place for the wood your villagers are cutting down—so far so good. Everything acts like it should. You begin to see blue soldiers approaching you. Before they get very close to your peasants, your peasants have all been killed. Those pikemen must have 25 feet pikes. I was a bit disappointed because the game was looking very realistic and then the pikemen came killing across the field with their trusty pikes. Hopefully this gets fixed or it will probably turn off quite a few gamers. But, so as not to admit defeat, I start destroying my own buildings, and another impressive sight. The building is still standing after I highlighted it and clicked delete. What it happening? Then I see the small flames. Quite impressive. The buildings don’t just fall down; they burn down. Needless to say the computer player invaded my humble beginnings of a town every time I played, and the invincible pikemen killed off my peasants quite successfully.
The graphics add realism to this game. The game’s buildings look rather impressive, well done and the people look good as well. When the buildings start on fire, it looks quite nice, especially the growing wheat, and the mineral deposits when they are being mined. The graphics are superb for this type of game, especially the 3d buildings, the animations, and the villagers. All in all a thumbs up for the graphics.
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Preview Summary 
The graphics add realism to the game. If you happen to destroy one of your own buildings, the building starts on fire, with the flames getting bigger all the time, and finally the building is consumed and falls into rubbish.
One of the cons is that the demo CD only had one random map to choose from as well as one country—Spain.
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