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Date of publish: 03/07/2020 19:26 CET

Prior to the German release of Cossacks, there was an promotion on the official website that allowed you to request a free demo CD. Anyone who may have such a disc (or even a picture of it), please contact me.
Here are the texts from the demo CD on the Cossacks official website:
Now there’s something for free! Pure fun!
Obtain the ultimate “Cossacks demo CD” – of course “playable”. Convince yourself. Get an idea of this outstanding real-time strategy hammer.
But be careful, unfortunately we can only deliver while stocks last, only one CD-ROM per household. The demo CD is delivered free of charge approx. 3 weeks before the release.
Release: November 30, 2000
Do you also want to get to know the limits of your strategic ability?
Then fill out the following form.
All impatient can also download the demo here.
Yes, I order the free “Cossacks” demo CD (only while stocks last!)
If your browser does NOT support forms, you can of course also order by e-mail ( Don’t forget your address.

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