Questions about Cossacks: The Art of War you never dared to ask….

…all answered by the new FAQ on the official Cossacks Site

by: Peffy
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To study the Art of War is not an easy job during which many questions arise. You probably know the following situation well enough: you are having a little nice small talk during one of these important parties and you feel comfortable before suddenly the discussion switches to games. You think this is the perfect timing to impress the other guests and before you know it somebody drops this evil word you have never heard of before: galleass. You are in total horror as everything you know about it is that it is a device used in the fantastic RTS Cossacks: The Art of War! But you have no clue whatsoever what it EXACTLY means! What to do?

These hard times are over as a fresh and new FAQ now answers all of these torturing questions! In times of need and despair, when you feel like nobody can quench your thirst of knowledge turn to us for assistance, as we will guide you through.

And don`t forget: the add-on Cossacks: The Art of War is scheduled for release the 16th November 2001 in Germany, the 1st quarter 2002 in England and the US and the 23rd November 2001 in France.

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