Patch 1.15 for German version

by: Peffy
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For german version only! 
This patch extends Cossacks: European Wars with the following functions:
– Synchronization errors have been eliminated
– No more network-related performance loss. The game runs on each computer at the maximum speed (no stuttering when scrolling), regardless of the performance of the other computers involved in the game
– Various bugs that could lead to crashes have been fixed
– Bugs in high resolutions have been fixed (crashes in resolutions higher than 1280×1024, errors in the representation of the “fog of war”)
– “Cheating” in multiplayer mode is no longer possible
– Version 1.15 is compatible with the international Cossacks version
– Automatic saving now takes place once every four minutes (previously once every minute)
– After a defeat is no longer automatically saved
DOWNLOAD THE PATCH (from v1.12 to v1.15 – 2,32 Mb)
DOWNLOAD THE PATCH (from v1.0 to v1.15 – 5,69 Mb)



Originally posted: (LINK) (ARCHIVED)

Date of publish: 12.03.2001

Author: unknown

Language of publish: german

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