Nothings’s quiet on the eastern front!!!

by: Peffy
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The following post allows you to admire three new Saxon buildings:

Saxonian buildings

Town Hall


Among all of your facilities this one is essential for it allows you to create workers. Also your Peasants can store extracted resources here. Town Hall allows for habitation of 500 units. When you exceed this limit, you have to build Dwellings for your subjects.

Artillery Depot


In this building you can create and upgrade artillery.

Diplomatic center


This building allows you to hire mercenaries of other countries. Mercenaries are always more expensive than your own army, but they are recruited much faster. Although the history proved treacherousness of mercenaries, and many rulers lost all of their power using them, but in certain cases such policy may prove very useful, especially when facing an impending intervention. Your diplomatic center will help you hiring troops that are not peculiar to your nation and therefore cannot be created in your country. 




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