New Cossacks: The Art of War Patch!

by: Peffy
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As of today, the newest patch for the official add-on Cossacks: The Art of War is now available on the official Cossacks webpage:


DOWNLOAD THE PATCH (v1.30 – 8,16 Mb)


This patch for “Cossacks – The Art of War” updates version 1.29 to version 1.30

The patch addresses the following bugs:

  1. Cheat with player color Orange in Multiplayer games (construction of buildings in pause mode for the same price)
  2. Limited number of formations when units on map are numerously
  3. Ships do not fire when units on map are numerously
  4. Autosave is active despite it was disabled in settings
  5. Problems with improper AI behaviour in certain situations (e.g. failure to harvest food)



Originally posted: (LINK) (ARCHIVED) and (LINK) (ARCHIVED)

Date of publish: 13.09.2002 and 10.09.2002

Author: unknown

Language of publish: english

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