ICQ, Kiwi and Cossacks

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Once there were two Cossacks-addicts, one in New Zealand and one in Germany. Except for their addiction they had two more things in common: ICQ and the desire to create a Cossacks mod. Thanks to never ending ICQ sessions in December and January, those two huge Cossacks fans, German Stefan Hertrich, and New Zealand’s Shaun Fletcher, managed to collaborate and create a Cossacks mod that has been downloaded several thousand times in the course of a few days.

A mod is the abbreviation for modification. Mods are created by interested and programming talented gamers, who change their favourite game according to their taste and add real enrichments.

With the help and support of genius-like Ukrainian developers GSC, responsible for the extraordinary RTS series Cossacks, and publisher CDV Shaun created more than 30 new Cossacks loading units and three new cannons. In the meantime, Stefan coordinated a collection of basic material, such as uniform scans, historical facts and much more. Stefan and a testing team collected the parameter facts and accordingly changed the Cossacks gameplay with regard to the new ideas of the Cossacks community.

After the mod’s completion, the best of the best Cossacks strategists extensively tested it for a month and enjoyed outstanding highlights such as England and Sweden with 6 new units each, a coast defence canon against the mighty add-on ships and 2 new pieces of artillery for the 17th century: the European 17c canon and the Ottoman canon. The lists of marvellous new features is long, and the last to be mentioned here is Bashi Bozouk, the strong Algerian musketeer, Cossacks fans have been asking for a long time.

To take a look at this masterpiece go to 4players.de to download the mod for free. It is available in for the German, English, French and Russian Cossacks add-on version 1.29. An online introduction and an array of screens displaying the new units are comprised in this little bundle.





Originally posted: Cossacks.com (LINK) (ARCHIVED)

Date of publish: 21.02.2002

Author: unknown

Language of publish: english

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