GameSpy patch available

by: Peffy
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The first patch for the German version of the game has arrived.
It extends the following functions to Cossacks:
  • You can now start games on the Internet via GameSpy ( 
  • Internet battles can also be started directly by entering the IP number manually.
This patch also fixes the following bugs:
  • The compatibility of the copy protection with a number of systems has been improved, in particular with the following drives: NEC DV-5500A, Maxtor 92732U8, CREATIVE CD4834E FC101. (The functionality of the previous patch from December 12th is also included.)
  • On some computers, version 1.00 indicates that less than 100 MB is free on the hard drive, although more space is free. The consequence of this is that the game does not start. This case is no longer.
  • When the game ends, the music will no longer continue.
  • Corrections to the first English mission.
  • Fine adjustments to the balancing of some historical battles.


Originally posted: (LINK) (ARCHIVED)

Date of publish: 15.12.2000

Author: unknown

Language of publish: german

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