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“ holds a big vote every year to win the Game of the Year. All readers are invited to vote in various categories for both PC and PS One / PS2. In connection with the vote, is giving away prizes worth over 30,000 DM, including 5 full versions of “Cossacks”. In addition to the best games of the year, the best manufacturer and publisher of the year 2000 are also sought. Other categories for PC and PS One / PS2 that require a readers’ vote, include the ‘Greatest Hope 2001’ and the ‘Most Innovative Game of the Year 2000’. “

Game of the Year of 2000:
1. Diablo II
2. Baldur’s Gate II: Shadow of Amn
3. Deus Ex
32. Cossacks: European War
Best Strategy Game of 2000:
1. C&C: Red Alert 2
2. Sudden Strike
3. Sacrifice
7. Cossacks: European Wars
and… the following voters won the special Cossacks awards (game, pin, mouse pad) with 190 DM:
– checker
– oliver66659
– muenste
– Asmodis
– Jupi


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