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“In Cossacks, formations have realistic effects on the course of the battle in contrast to many other games. Depending on the formation you choose, clear tactical differences can be seen.
You can find the latest Screenshots with precise explanations here:
Austrian roundshiers and croats attack Danish forces.
In Cossacks players have a chance to evade scuffle battles peculiar to many RTS, where the winner is a player with greater mobs and stronger units. The implemented game system and military formations, together with game scale – up to 8000 units introduces unlimited tactical possibilities for players. Reasonable use of advantages of this or that troop or various buildings and maneuvering them allows to conduct brilliant operations which are the same spectacular as real events as well as to fight numerically-superior enemies.
The units gathered into a formation receive an attack and defense bonus, and each kind of formations gives additional advantages.
Units are elongated when in line, making them especially effective when in defensive, fighting back cavalry or attacking in a wide frontage. At the same time units in file are ill-maneuvered and regrouped, as well as vulnerable to side and point-targeted attacks. 
In column units are more compact. Column is well-maneuvered and is not susceptible to frontal or rear attacks and is very suitable for point-targeted attacks, file breaking, but at the same time isn’t likely to be much helpful in defense.
Square – is an ideal formation for shooting units. In square units will not get scared by sudden attacks, while they can defend in various directions. This formation is equally effective as for attack, so as for defense. At the same time square is particularly effective against light cavalry and you can place guns in the middle gap.
The next tactical stage is a possibility to arrange more complex formations out of basic ones – line, column and square, as well as particular units. The new formations will give your troops additional bonuses and you’ll be able to conduct them as a single military unit.
Thus players can play as according to usual RTS methods – focusing on strategy, so as using tactics – starting from basic constructions and up to complex and thought-out tactical actions, worth of military leaders, gaining glorious victories in real battles.”



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