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The unique website for deaf gamers are enthusiastic about the RTS-game British games website (2001-05-10), a site especially designed for deaf gamers, tested the RTS-spectacle Cossacks: European Wars. The editor was totally in love with the game:

“Having thoroughly enjoyed the demo so much I was really looking forward to the finished article and let me say after playing the game for an ungodly amount of hours since receiving it, I can honestly say that I am highly impressed with Cossacks. The hard thing with writing this review is that I just don´t know where to start.”

After this introduction we already knew that this would be a very special article, but even the staff at CDV Software Entertainment AG was just enthusiastic about what followed:

“The game itself is just awe-inspiring. Forget Age of Empires 2, with its measly limits on units and tit-for-tat battles, this is the real deal. […] What more can I say, for a deaf gamer it´s an RTS delight and it will keep you busy for many months to come. […] RTS´ are never going to be the same again and after Cossacks, other games are going to be a big disappointment indeed. This game is the new yardstick by which all other RTS games will be measured and I suspect will fall short.”



Originally posted: (LINK) (ARCHIVED)

Date of publish: 11.05.2001

Author: unknown

Language of publish: english

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