Creative Cossacks

by: Peffy
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Gamers are creative! We at CDV Software Entertainment AG know that gamers are creative either in tactical planning or now, thanks to the map editor in Cossacks: The Art of War, also creative in map editing. There are almost no limits, and everybody can create the maps they always wanted to play – in more detail and with more units to control.

Today CDV Software Entertainment AG presents two examples for creative map editing and for the formation of units.

You want to rule the world? Well, we can´t offer you that… but that powerful feeling is just one click away as you can direct more units at once than you would have ever imagined with just one little movement of your finger. Thanks to a new feature you can arrange and direct numerous units with just one click.

Go ahead and take a look at it:

Let out the little artist in you and create your own spectacular maps with the map editor.

Create more detailed maps.



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