Cossacks fever is highly infective

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The infamous “Cossacks Fever” is raging in England. Games Magazine editors are already infected with it and rumours are spreading that online test battles lasted for days. It seems like the new RTS-bomb from German publisher CDV Software is highly addictive. Read for yourself, as below you will find excerpts from articles editors infected by the fever composed.
The “Gamesdomain Review” describes the unique experience as following:
“The graphics […] are pretty impressive. […] Little men scurry about convincingly, trees flutter in the wind, but the best thing has to be the explosions. Instead of just being a generic ball of fire, any big bang is accompanied by a large amount of debris chucked into the air with great enthusiasm.”
“PC Zone” (2001/04) is even more enthusiastic:
“These kinds of dynamics ensure “Cossacks” a big future as a multiplayer favourite, and online test battles have already been known to last for days. As far as sound goes, the special effects are second to none. You don´t know warfare until you´ve watched a few of the vast demo battles included with the game and heard the sound of cannon ringing in your ears.”
Almost sounds like hysterical euphoria, doesn´t it? But not enough, there´s even more:
“The individual unit orientation is also very smooth, especially the ships, which cut through the water with the elegance of giant wooden swans.”
Dear, how poetic! But here comes the best:
“This is Cossacks, ladies and gentlemen. This is the best thing to come out of the Ukraine since Andrei Shevchenko. This is war.”
Well, CDV´s staff feels mighty honored by being compared to a soccer genius!
Even the Belgium editors could not escape the “Cossacks” virus: “PC Gamer” (2001/03) rewarded the RTS-treat with 91%. According to the Games Magazine from Belgium the new coup from German publisher CDV is the “Tip of the month” and “the RTS-surprise of the year”. And more:
“Cossacks is about the past but is RTS of the future”



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