Cossacks: European Wars announced

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Date of publish: 20/06/2020 11:05 CET

“It was announced today that European developer CDV is planning to bring a new RTS to the PC that mixes the playstyles of ANNO 1602 and Age of Empires. The game will be set in the 17th and 18th centuries and will feature four huge campaigns, historic and single scenarios, and a load of units to pitch some crazy battles.
A ton of buildings will be available for players to construct for maximum national development and pave the road for future technologies. Six types of resources will need to be mined for all of the various needs of your civilization, which can be picked from 16 different societies.
CDV is bragging that an impressive 8,000 units can be on screen at one time without causing problems. This should definitely open up the possibility for some huge scale battles. Other considerations for combat include troop formations, dynamic fog of war, conquerable buildings, 300 technical upgrades, and the fact that your units use up resources during battle.
Sounds like there are a lot of things involved in this game. Hopefully all of it will fall together nicely and make a great game. We’ll keep you posted on more developments of this game and hopefully get you some screens soon.”


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Original date of publish: 30.06.2000 02:00 PDT

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