Cossacks: Back to War preview screenshots

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Return to pre-industrial Europe for another leap into the Cossacks world as Ukrainian developer GSC Gameworld and CDV proudly present the very first preview screenshots of the second add-on to Cossacks: European Wars, Cossacks: Back to War.

The second expansion pack features the same game play as its the mother of the Cossacks series with 100 new missions, two new nations, more units and maps 16 times larger, Back to War gives you truly epic battles.


Swiss squad is defending valley passageway against Piemonte troops.

Hungarian city hosts brawls between Hungarians and Swedes.

Negotiating with nomads on safe passing the trade route.

Swiss cavalry delivers sudden attacks onto Prussian mine fields.

Bedouin caravan entrapped by enemy hussars.

Russian and Hungarian cavalry squads are about to meet in a frenzied battle

A clash between Danish army and Hungarian regiments flared up.

Swiss troops going through a dangerous passageway.

Swiss town – a peaceful-looking land of happiness.



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