Cossacks: Back to War (Here are the answers)

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Some of you definitely paid attention in history class – we had more than 35 entries last week for our Cossacks quiz.

After their subjection to Julius Caesar in 58 BC, the Helvetians became allies to the Roman Empire. After conquest by the Alemanni and Burgunds, the territory of the present-day Switzerland was annexed to the Franconian kingdom, and later Swabians ruled. In 1624, the Habsburgers ruled the eastern part, the Dukes of Savoy the western.

In order to stem the influx of these many uninvited guests, the Swiss grouped together for an unlimited defense league in August 1291. This is the beginning of the Swiss confederation.

Over the course of the 15th century, the infantry moved up to become one of the most important army units. Sub-units of the infantry could decide a battle. The Swiss infantry possessed a legendary strength, which is why many European rulers hired mercenaries from Switzerland. Come on … Back to War!



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