Cossacks: Back to War, ACS and VIZOR !

by: Peffy
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Cossacks: Back to War has hit German shelves on September 20th, and the new stand-alone add-on not only features two new nations (Hungary and Switzerland), but it also includes the new ACS function. ACS stand for “Automatic Championship System” and offers the possibility for the best Cossacks players of the world to compete against each other in an online championship.

Cossacks: Back to War also offers the so called “VIZOR System”. The VIZOR System extends the Cossacks shell and provides the player with live combat. It`s like watching football on TV, except for one difference: you are able to watch a Cossacks battle either during the gameplay or after it has ended. There will also be an archive, where you will be able to review the most spectacular battles.



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