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“Due to the large resonance CDV has extended the banner campaign until 30th November, 2000! Enter your site now!”

What is it about? With the banner campaign, CDV intends to repeat a similar marketing campaign by Sudden Strike, which will result 250 copies of Cossacks: European Wars full version games being distributed among website editors. To do this, place the following HTML code on your website:
“<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”Cossacks – European Wars” border=”0″ width=”468″ height=”60″></a>”
The banner looks like this (archived):
Incidentally, a form had to be filled in for the campaign (you can see a picture of it below), the publisher examined the website based on this and the winners came out of the first successful 250 “recognitions”.


Originally posted: (LINK) (ARCHIVED)

Date of publish: 16.10.2000

Author: unknown

Language of publish: english

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