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by: Peffy
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We present four excellent new screenshots of the addictive RTS-bomb “Cossacks: European Wars”. Enjoy!



Although the texts are associated with images on the website, they do not reflect what is shown in the image. As evidence, here are the texts:
  • First picture: The Spanish repelling an impudent attack of Algerian pirates. 
  • Second picture: Saxonian detachment (red) caught in gorge and shot down by Turkish troops (blue) located on commanding eminences. 
  • Third picture: Turkey (red) and Saxony (black) are carrying on peace negotiations in a Saxonian fortress. 
  • Fourth picture: Valiant Dutch forces smashing a gang of brigands. 


Originally posted: Cossacks.com (LINK) (ARCHIVED)

Date of publish: 07.03.2001

Author: unknown

Language of publish: english

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