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Date of publish: 24/10/2020 19:25 CET

Questions about add-on, answered by GSC in the CDV message board


– Can only the 18th C Ship of Line be repaired?

this is only 18-c ship of the line which is repairable in the game. I’ll explain why: the military fleet you have is strategic arms, while the 18th c. ship of the line is tactical arms (for its really powerful and secures protection and coverage of a huge sea territory). If you are allowed to repair your strategic fleet, that means that in case you win the first sea battle you win the whole game (for you have repaired all your ships and came close to the enemy base to deliver the final blow on the shipyards and the base in general). If you get, for instance, strategic ships repaired in docks, again, there’s no use bringing a ship through the whole map to get it mended in dock, when it’s easier and more convenient to construct a new one.


– What about experience bonus of units?

Though no experience realized at the full game scope, we have experience implemented in missions.


– Was AI improved?

AI has been revised and improved in the game (now attacking with massive forces etc). AI has been improved in a way to make it act more ‘naturally’ and in a way human players do. In general AI’s tactics got more diversified.


– Any chance at getting the weather to change during the game, like occassional showers, snow etc, which may influence the game, ie. when it rains no muskets and cannons work. Could enable this to switch on and off – could make really interesting games.

novel idea – it’s worth paying attention to, but too late for this add-on now – we’ll keep it in mind (and more exactly, in notebook) for some later game, if you don’t mind. I would say the same about weather option (just in case, we have already been considering this cool feature for American Conquest).


– Can you put troops inside the blockhouse?

Blockhouses already have 10 musketeers inside (though you won’t be able to drag them outta there)


– Will the hitpoints of the winged hussar be improved?

I personally believe that Winged Hussar is one of the strongest cavalry units in the game, so no point making them super strong by adding extra 75 LP (and don’t pit them against serdjuks, pit them against cavalry)


– Before you start a multiplayer game in AOE2 you can see all options of the game, like the map size, map type, initial resources. Can you make same thing for cossacks?

All the game participants (in multiplayer) will be able to see all the details about the game they are going to start playing.


– Will there be HOTKEYS for standground, add-in formation, dismiss formation, stop, patrol, etc… so that we dun have to keep moving our pointer to the icon everytime to issue command?

Yes, all kinds of hot keys available, including those for formation and unit control.


– About the flagbearer and general. It would be nice in my opinion if you could get the flagbearer and general in random map and/or map editor.

General and flagbearer are only available in map/mission editor, yielding extra bonuses for your troops.


– Will shooting upgrades in the academy affect the blockhouse?

Academy upgrades do not affect it. The only thing you can do with this building is to repair it.


– I seriously dislike is the fact that your artillery will not hit your men. I liked friendly fire accidents. It added a touch of realism and strategy to the game.

It is not exactly that cannons do not attack your troops, it’s just that now they are a bit more ‘cautious’, so your units will continue falling victims to some clumsy cannon shots.


– Can you confirm that cavalry formations will be available for other units than just riders?

Yes, cavalry formations are available to all the slow-moving cavalry (technical reasons prevent us from allowing this for all the cavalry).


– Will towers be able to fire over the much lower walls?

Towers will still not shoot over walls


– Has the pathfinding been improved? there are as Im sure you know severe issues with peasants getting totally lost, and units getting caught’ on hills walking back and forth over a short distance endlessly

Yes, pathfinding has been tweaked.


– Will there be a Poland campaign?

Yes, there will be a Polish campaign in the add-on including 5 missions. These missions are remarkable by soldier experience implemented in there – your character’s characteristics increase as his experience grows. Generally, you are going to defend the lands of Rzeczpospolita from enemies and try to extend your motherland’s territory at the expense of ungrateful neighbours.


– What will happen in the rated system if somebody gets disconnected or disconnects?

1) For 1vs1:

· it is determined who’s “to blame” for the disconnect;
· the one who’s “not to blame” is conferred victory if the scores of his rival are less than 75% of his ones. Otherwise, the game does not get registered.
· the one who’s “to blame” (got disconnected, reset, pulled out cable or…), if his scores are less than 75% of maximal points in the game, is registered defeat, otherwise incomplete
· voting is provided in the course of the game — “rate the game or not?”

2) For two teams:

· if there are 2 teams left, each one having at least one player, then the one disconnected is registered defeat if his team has less than 75% of maximum and incomplete if more than 75%
· the remaining player can control as his units, so as the ones of his “untimely fallen” partner;
· voting is provided in the course of the game — “rate the game or not?”
· even if the game has not been registered, the defeat for disconnect at small points still will be registered.

3) For three teams and more:

· If the last (or the only) player in a team gets disconnected, but there are at least two teams remaining, then all the units and buildings of the disconnected team vanish and the game goes on;
· the one disconnected is registered a defeat or incomplete, depending on the team’s points;
· the remaining player can control as his units, so as the ones of his “untimely fallen” partner;
· voting is provided in the course of the game — “rate the game or not?”
· even if the game has not been registered, the defeat for disconnect at small points still will be registered.
Lets give it an example.
Team1 : P1 and P2
Team2 : P3 and P4
Team3 : P5
Events of the game and their working-off:
P5 disconnects : his buildings get deleted and the game goes on with two teams (Not burning, but instantaneous deletion!).
P3 disconnects : P4 controls his units.
P4 also disconnects : P1 and P2 will be victorious if they have 30% more of points, and if virtually the same number, then the game is declared void.

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