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Date of publish: 10/10/2020 12:12 CET

The Cossacks franchise continues to grow as CDV release this stand alone version of the add-on pack that graced the original some time back. The package offers some 20 nations and their armies to take charge of through the turbulent times of the 16th to 18th centuries. This includes the Swiss and Hungarian armies plus eight new units to add to the fray.

There are over one hundred single player missions and the endless challenge of multiplayer. If that wasn’t enough the Turks and Algerians get to ride camels, adding to the realism of the time. If you missed Cossacks first time around this is the ideal opportunity to get into the game with its vast armies and maps. The screen can be filled with soldiers, all marching in formation or running ragged away from the scene of a terrible defeat.

A campaign starts peacefully enough with the usual round of building, resource gathering and troop training but get a few minutes in and the first skirmishes start. Then the battles just get bigger and bigger until only Shogun can rival it for units on-screen.

This edition also comes with a mod pack featuring extra units and maps, plus a random map generator so you absolutely won’t run out of places to fight and the Vizor system that lets you watch online battles in-progress. The game also has fairly low requirements so will happily run on older systems.

Written by Geoff Spick

Rating: 76%


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