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Date of publish: 20/10/2020 18:22 CET

December 20, 2002 – When it was released well over a year ago Cossacks didn’t cause much of a stir, but the quality of the original game has impressed many with a growing legion of fans getting into one of the most absorbing post renaissance strategy games to ever hit the PC. This second expansion pack attempts to breathe even more life into what is essentially a very absorbing and deep eighteenth century wargame, but is it a case of milking the cow too aggressively? Well grab a teat and read on…

In case you didn’t know, Back to War plonks a general’s hat on your dome and has you overseeing the rather complex social and economic systems required to field an army during the 18th Century. With the interface improvements (units don’t get captured unfairly anymore) as well as the new missions, this pack might be worth considering if you enjoyed the original game…


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