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Alexander is developer GSC Game World’s real-time strategy game slated to ship this week in conjunction with Oliver Stone’s movie of the same name. Featuring the titular Macedonian conqueror plus Persian ruler Darius, Indian warlord Poros and Egyptian pharaoh Nectanebo, it has four armies, each with its own unique units.


GSC Game World is a studio with substantial experience in the area of real-time strategy games based on historical subject matter. The art is nicely detailed, the units fairly distinctive across the four playable sides, and the overall look fits the theme. Based on playing some early missions plus a couple of skirmish encounters, the gameplay starts off at quite a reasonable level of accessibility, without too many units to watch and handle, then ramps up to bring in larger numbers along with more decisions for the player. The scenarios sampled have been of moderate length, none requiring more than half an hour to complete.


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