5 years – how the developers celebrated the game

Date of publish: The following post was published on the Cossacks 3 community pages: “The strategists are going to the tavern as fast as possible. The rumble of their horses is louder than the one created by a battalion consisting solely of drummers. They are raising their glasses to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Cossacks 3!

Date of publish: 20 September 2016. It’s exactly 5 years to the day since the release of the latest game from the reborn GSC Game World, the latest instalment in its blockbuster series. The Ukrainian team has once again made history, but now with Cossacks 3, and the recipe for doing so was simple: take […]

Review from digitalentertainmentnews

#AmericanConquestDividedNationReview Date of publish: 16/09/2021 16:37 CET If you ask a person on the street what the next major American conflict was after our Revolutionary War, they will probably say the Civil War. That is unless they know that at one point the British came back to America to try and reassert control over their […]

C3: 19th Century Mod – Greeks are playable

Date of publish: Loner is doing quite well with the development of the 19th Century Mod. Fortunately, his hands are not tied, so we can welcome Greece as a new playable nation. Modern Greece, independent from 1832, adds to a rather long list of its own. Its buildings are based on the Arabic style on […]

Happy 20th birthday Cossacks!

Date of publish: On April 24, 2001 «Cossacks: European Wars» came out. 20 years ago, the «Cossacks» series was born, a series in which all these years players meet on the battlefields of Europe. This game showed that the real-time strategy genre is something that is interesting not only for a narrow circle of gamers, […]