American Conquest: Fight Back

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Name: American Conquest: Fight Back

Genre: Real-time strategy (RTS)

Developer: GSC Game World (ukrainian)

Publisher: CDV Software (german)

Language: English (additional languages: french, german, polish, czechish, russian and ukrainian)

Platform: Windows PC

Release date: 05.02.2003 (North America), 14.02.2003 (Europe), 26.08.2011 (Steam)


An absolute must for every Cossacks and American Conquest fan!
Three centuries of war continue – with even more frantic combat and more desperate power struggles raging across the American continent. The Spanish sound the attack on Yucatan amidst fierce Maya and Aztec resistance. The Germans put all their efforts into finding the legendary Eldorado. The Pontiac Uprising ends in a terrifying bloodbath between Native Americans and the British. And the Russians will do anything to conquer Alaska at the cost of the Haida. There is a fantastic bonus for shrewd strategists: the great new “battlefield” mode in single-player and multiplayer modes! Tactical skill alone will determine victory or defeat in single-player and multiplayer games.
So, plunge into battle!


  • Epic real time strategy covering the era between 1517 and 1804Stand-alone version of American Conquest – Three Centuries of War
  • 25 new missions in 8 thrilling campaigns
  • New mode of game play: 10 battlefield missions in single-player and multiplayer modes for hard-core strategists
  • 5 new nations: Germany, Russia, Haida, Portugal, and the Netherlands – play a total of 17 nations!
  • More than 50 new units
  • Captivating real-time battles with up to 16,000 units
  • Fighting morale is influenced by victories, defeats, food supplies, equipment and mercenary pay
  • Huge maps (30×20 screens, 1024×768 pixels)
  • Several multiplayer modes for up to 7 players via LAN or the Internet


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