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In what is sure to be the first of many Alexander the Great-themed strategy games, Ubisoft and Ukrainian developer GSC Games have just released Alexander. In addition to being the first out of the gate, Alexander also enjoys the distinction of having loads of footage from Oliver Stone’s Alexander. Whatever your opinion of the movie itself, including tons of footage and music from the films definitely helps the presentation of the game and ties the missions together.

The fifteen missions of the Alexander campaign run through the entirety of his military career. It starts with him putting down revolts at home and ends with him leading his armies back to Babylon. Along the way you’ll fight the key battles, like Issus and Gaugamela, and even have missions where you visit Troy and the Egyptian oracles. Once you’ve spent a few hours completing the Alexander campaign, you’ll unlock three new campaigns where you get to fight against Alexander at the head of the Persians, Indians or Egyptians. Each of these three campaigns consists of about half-a-dozen missions each. In addition to these four campaigns, the game also includes a handful of single, scripted missions, a skirmish mode and multiplayer…


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