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In this day and age, it’s inevitable that a game will be created based on a high-profile action adventure movie. History tells us that these games stink for the most part, and Alexander, which ties in with Oliver Stone’s movie of the same name, unfortunately falls into this majority. This conventional real-time strategy game attempts to follow Alexander the Great’s campaign of conquest, but it is marred by sloppy development, factual inaccuracies, and a general failure to capture the scope of what made Alexander so interesting and unique to historians. The game does have the foundation to be a good strategy title, but this doesn’t save it from the aforementioned problems.

As you can guess, the game takes place during Alexander’s lifetime (356 to 323 BC). There is actually quite a bit of content here. The single-player campaign starts with the Macedonian viewpoint, which is Alexander’s conquest, and then it lets you play as the other three factions of Persia, Egypt, and India. Their missions are varied and they can keep you occupied for quite a long time. Mission objectives are highlighted on the minimap and the goals are clear, which is desirable in any strategy game. There is also a skirmish mode for single- and multiplayer games against computer and human opponents…



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