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Date of publish: 15/11/2020 20:00 CET

Is it just me or are expansion packs owning the game shelves these days? Developers who would “perfect” what I call game re-runs rather than coming up with fresh material only have to add in a few extra features to slap on a price tag. But AMERICAN CONQUEST: Fight Back is no mere add-on for its original, Three Centuries of War. In fact, it’s a stand alone version that does not require its predecessor to play. Fans of American Conquest will immediately dive into familiar territory and newcomers will find a fun real time strategy.

The game covers the era between 1517 to 1804 with the historical wars and battles that you skimmed over in your history class textbooks. There are 26 new missions in 8 campaigns which include: Columbus’ discovery, Pizarro’s and the Incans, the battles of Tecumseh against the Europeans, the Seven Year’s War, and, of course, the War of Independence between the American colonists and England. Some memorable battles included in the War of Independence are Lexington, Concord, and Saratoga.

There are some new modes in the game play such as battlefield missions for single-player entertainment and multiplayer for those who lust for the blood of newbies. There can be up to 16,000 units fighting the good fight at once. There are 50 new units, each costing a certain amount of money based on their capabilities in battle. Recruitment is a new system where you put a rifle in the hands of civilians and send them on their way. However, because of their lack of training, don’t expect them to be as organized as your loyal army. There are also 5 new nations to play: Germany, Haida, Portugal, and the Netherlands. This adds up to a total of 17 distinct nations for your gaming enjoyment.

Troup Morale is a major part in the game and depending on victory or defeat, your army can either mow down the opposition or flee like that tyrannical leader, Saddam Hussein, we have all come to love. When low on resources, you will find yourself completely open to enemy fire and lord knows they want a piece of you. This may seem like an annoyance during several key moments of battle, but users will appreciate the authentic realism that accompanies each mission. It also makes for better game play balance.

The graphics are fine if you can accept the 2D layout. But with 16,000 units on your screen simultaneously, there is nothing to complain about. The resolution is 1024×768 pixels on a 30×20 screen which equals huge maps for your enjoyment. The sound effects are outstanding from the gunshots to the war cries.

Generally, AMERICAN CONQUEST: Fight Back offers all gamers a chance to play a solid RTS title. It’s not the best nor is it something you will remember for years to come, but if you are a big strategy aficionado and don’t have this game, I suggest taking a look in the mirror and reevaluating your life as a gamer.


Gameplay: 8.3
Its solid and delivers a fun experience for any strategy fan, but mediocrity triumphs.

Graphics: 7.9
16,000 units on your screen simultaneously doesn’t look at awesome as you think, but I was impressed with the huge maps.

Sound: 8.5
Take The Patriot, The Last of the Mohicans, and some french guys and you got yourself some awesome sound effects.

Difficulty: Medium
Concept: 8.0 
If I was a history buff, I’d probably be huge on it.  But if you’re like me and don’t know the difference between Tecumseh and a bottle of cerveza, its just like living history class.

Multiplayer: 8.3
I didn’t enjoy this as much as I wanted to, but with 7 players fighting each other, its hard not appreciate online strategy.

Overall: 8.2
I give AMERICAN CONQUEST:  Fight Back all the respect I can as a standalone expansion, but when you take a close look at it, it may only appeal to hardcore fans.




Written by John Wrentmore


Source: GameZone [source link | archived site]

Original date of publish: 09.10.2003

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